Steampunk is now becoming very popular with a great number of followers coming up in recent times. People put on glaring Steampunk outfits even though they are unaware of it. They do it just because it’s ‘trending’. Unaware of its existence, many find it interesting enough and love it because of its uniqueness. The spread of Steampunk has been enormous and I think its cool to see people use it to decorate everything. There are a lot of famous designs out there that make things easier for Steampunkers to find what they are looking for.

Today’s Steampunk fashion is not quite different from clothing that was found in Steampunk literature. It’s a simple real-world reproduction of it.

Dress Victorian when in doubt and then add something. Steam technology was first of all capitalized during the Victorian era. This affected their everyday way of life, hence, it’s not surprising that steampunk writing is mainly based on or inspired by the Victorian world. If you think your outfit looks “too Victorian”, then know you are most probably doing it the right way.

Steampunk fashion is all about the creation of clothing that enliven your senses, is entertaining to those who wear it and can be engaging enough to those who are watching. Don’t have the feeling of not fitting in a style or that you are not appealing just because it is “not steampunk enough”. Don’t be misdirected or pressured into thinking that without an inclusion of a collection of “steampunk status symbols” (like goggles, even though they are good), your outfit will not fit or will not portray what you wish to make.

There is nothing like a ‘steampunk color’. A certain group of people believe steampunk has to be brown, black, white, light or dark only. That is totally out of place. Steampunk can be any color of your choice (though one can hesitate when it’s neon). Whether it’s black, brown or bright colors that you wear, there is always a steampunk justification. Steampunk as you very well know is all about advanced technology. This makes it perfectly alright to see it in shouting colors and complicated patterns that are made with machines.

If there are other genres that you like, go for it. If you feel you are attracted to a fashion style that doesn’t fit in with steampunk (Midieval, Pulp Adventure, Enlightenment era, Mod 60s, etc.), just keep your head up. Do not be forced to caption it under steampunk. These are all artistic works that creative minds have worked hard to produce, spread out and explore; so it’s better to respect their differing creativity and unique nature. We all are different people with variety of interests. This should be a source of pride.

Just be you and enjoy yourself. That’s what is necessary. Don’t be forced to please everybody. Go out and post and not be shy because you don’t want to be dressed like others you have seen posts. Do not doubt yourself when posting by asking “do you guys think this is steampunk enough”? Instead, post with this in mind, “I feel that this is steampunk, and this is my reason of thinking so.” If someone disagrees with you, open a discussion so that you can talk about the bone of contention, know more about each other and getting a solution to your misunderstanding; why not even free your mind by ignoring them? It’s your right to do so if you don’t see it necessary to argue because of differing views.

Sure those looking for this type of thing might find it useful. All in all, I wish to lay emphasis on this point: be proud enough about your views and unique style.