///Belfry Tammany Men’s 100 Percent Wool Felt Derby Bowler Hat in Black or Gray
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Belfry Tammany Men’s 100 Percent Wool Felt Derby Bowler Hat in Black or Gray

• Traditional Bowler Shape – Pays tribute to the iconic derby bowler from the 1800s with a 4-inch rounded crown, a matching hat band with a side bow and a feather

• High-Quality Construction – Constructed from 100 percent wool felt that keeps you warm and dry on winter and fall days; Backed by the Belfry name

• Comfortable Wear – Built with a super comfortable interior liner that wicks away moisture and keeps your head cool in high heat

• Two Colors Available – Sleek design comes in black or gray wool felt to match all your dressy and laid-back ensembles; Multiple sizes for a perfect fit

• Low-Priced Derby Bowler – A dashing derby bowler at a great price! Comes at 20 percent off and includes hassle-free returns if you’re not completely pleased

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Hello, nineteenth century style! The Belfry Tammany men’s derby bowler hat brings the formal flair of the late 1800s into your modern wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a smashing accessory to your formal fashions or are in need of something that stands out alongside your more proper 9 to 5 apparel, the Tammany is sure to get you noticed. Hat-lovers appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of Tammany’s traditional derby bowler silhouette, with its 4-inch rounded crown and 1.875-inch rolled brim. When it comes to affordable bowler hats for men, this style doesn’t skimp: it’s made from genuine 100 percent wool felt and is finished with a 16-ligne grosgrain band and a multicolored feather. Complete every single one of your dressy looks with the Tammany black or brown derby bowler hat from Belfry Hats. Specifications: • Traditional derby bowler silhouette • Made with soft 100 percent wool felt • 4-inch crown • 1.875-inch rolled brim • 16-ligne grosgrain band • Comfortable and soft interior lining • Two colors available • Feather may vary

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