///Historical Emporium Men’s Baxter Cotton Blend Knickers
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Historical Emporium Men’s Baxter Cotton Blend Knickers

Made from a blend of 58% Cotton, 39% Polyester, and 3% Spandex. Dry clean only


A casual look from the 19th century, knickers were worn by both princes and paupers alike

Cropped below the knee, our Baxter Knickers keep lower pant legs from becoming a nuisance during sporting activities

This particular pair features belt loops, interior suspender buttons, a button fly and 1.5 inch band of elastic at the hem for comfort

Two front slant pockets and two rear button-back pockets provide more than ample space for a pocket watch, trolley token or other men’s accoutrements

Scroll down to the description for sizing help. Complete your look with historically inspired Shirts, Neckties, and Suspenders; all available at our storefront

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Abbreviated in length but not a bit short on style, our 19th century Knickers are ideal for the well-dressed gentleman’s leisure activities. Anyone up for golf or croquet today.While some chaps call these shortened trousers knickers, others prefer knickerbockers or knee-breeches. Whatever the name, the style remains the same – slightly billowed at the knee, revealing over-the-calf socks in their entirety.This particular pair features a pleated front, 1.5 inch elastic at the knees, botton fly, two front slant pockets and two rear button-back pockets. Outfitted with both internal suspender buttons and belt loops. Fashioned from 58% cotton, 39% polyester and 3% spandex.These knickers fit like modern dress trousers, at the natural waist, and are sized by waist size, in inches.See our storefront for more items!

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