///MATSU Women’s Elegant Lambskin and Lace Driving Gloves M9225
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MATSU Women’s Elegant Lambskin and Lace Driving Gloves M9225

Matsu Gloves are the perfect accessary to keep you looking and feeling HOT

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Available Lining: 100% UNLINED LINING

PROTECTION DESCRIPTION : Do not dry,lron on low heat,Compatible with any drycleaning methods,Do not bleach,Don’t use oil of leather shoes,Don’t touch those spikes.

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Matsu’s fine, hand cut gloves are hand sewn or assembled with vintage hand-run machinery. Our hand-crafting ethic allows us to express the fluid quality of leather along with the perfect curve of your hand for greater beauty and comfort. Our elegant lace-back gloves are made with high quality lace for stylish ventilation and supple lambskin palms for grip and added warmth. Of course all out gloves offer protection from dangerous aging ultraviolet rays. The addition of a fine pair of gloves adds just the right touch of sophistication to any ensemble. We guarantee you will receive compliments on your Matsu gloves—they make excellent gifts! Size Chart: Measurement for women gloves: Size S= 7′(16.7- 17.6cm)-Middle finger=8.1cm Size M= 7 1/2′ (17.7-18.4 cm)-Middle finger=8.4cm Size L= 8′ (18.5-19.2 cm)-Middle finger=8.7cm Size XL= 8 1/2′ (19.3 – 20 cm)-Middle finger=8.7cm Measurement for men gloves: Size S= 9′ (20.0-20.8 cm)-Middle finger=8.8cm Size M= 9 1/2′ (20.9 – 21.6 cm)-Middle finger=9.0cm Size L= 10′ (21.7 – 22.4 cm)-Middle finger=9.2cm Size XL= 10 1/2′ (22.5 – 23.2 cm)-Middle finger=9.4cm Because gloves are sent when it just finished, so when you receive it, maybe it will smell bad. This is normal. But you just need to place gloves at ventilated place several days. The smell will gone. Don’t do this: 1. Rub on sharp or rough objects 2. Place under the sun directly 3. Dry it with a hair dryer

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