///Senchanting Women’s Steampunk Steel Boned Jacquard Corset Bustier with Chains
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Senchanting Women’s Steampunk Steel Boned Jacquard Corset Bustier with Chains

Material:90% Polyester,10% Spandex;Spiral Steel bonded

Buckles closure in the front and ribbon criss cross ajustable lacing in the back.

Unique Metal Color Accents

Please use our own Size Chart which located on the left of our product’s image rather than Amazon size guide, and choose the proper size based on your waist size.

ATTENTION PLEASE:This items ONLY fulfilled by Amazon and seller ‘Eastron’.Items offered by other sellers in this listing are COUNTERFEIT and FAKE products.To ensure quality and size,please ensure you buy from Amazon or seller ‘Eastron’. These overbust fashion costume corset have ‘Senchanting’ tag. If you purchase here and receive products without this tag ,please report to Amazon Customer Service for item not as described and claim for FULL REFUND.

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Features: 1. Overbust fashion costume corset. 2. Material: main fabric brocade with leather blinding; Steel bonded. 3. Busks in the front and ribbon criss cross ajustable lacing in the back. Please try to adjust it to be more fit for your body. 4. Perfect for bridal lingerie, steampunk wedding dresses, Halloween costumes, date nights, burlesque or any intimate setting. How to put on a corset by yourself? 1. Loosen the corset by undoing the centre loops and pulling the back of corset apart 6-7′ but don¡¯t undo the laces at the bottom of the corset. 2. Carefully line up the two sides of your busk on the front of the corset. 3. Tighten the lacing. Starting from the top. Next, go to the bottom of the lacing and pull the laces tighter there. Then working the bottom half of the lacing tighter. 4. Tie off the loose lacing on the back of your corset. 5. There is a panel at the back of the corset which you can use to cover up your back under the lacing(optional) or fold it into the corset for a more exposed look for your back under the lace up. How To Determine Your Perfect Fit? Corset is in order to make a more slender body,please don’t compare with the general clothes’ size.Please use our own Size Chart guide located on the left of the product image and base on your waist size,do NOT use the Amazon size guide. Package Included:1 corset top+1 thongs. About Senchanting: We export party corsets,prom corsets,gothic corsets,satin corsets,brocade corsets,latex corsets,lace corsets, leather corsets,clubwear corsets,Victorian corsets,classic corsets fashion corsets and waist training corsets around the world.

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