///Steampunk Men’s Grim Long Coat
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Steampunk Men’s Grim Long Coat

Official alternative, independent fashion for your unique style

Features: swallow tail, combined 5x button down waistcoat, and a large collar

Complete your steampunk wardrobe with this gothic garment

Follow care instructions on label for best results

Made from a cotton and lycra mix for comfort and durability

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Product Description

The black Steampunk Grim Long Coat for men is a vintage Gothic style coat that is sure to stamp your mark on Steampunk culture. This fashionable Steampunk coat will have you looking important and elegant amongst the Steampunk society. This long canvas tail coat comes combined with a vintage waistcoat that should supply both extra warmth and added style. On the integrated waistcoat you will find three press studs that shimmer golden shades for further character and depth. Either side of the large collar you will also be showing off two more buttons which sit on each shoulder. This dracula style tailored coat could become part of your most loved Steampunk outfit. It’s sleek, slender and very charming, offering a brilliant long coat for men who embrace the Steampunk image. Not only will this compliment your vintage and classical character but it’ll also keep you warm for those bitterly cold evenings. This is going to be a major statement for anyone who loves Steampunk or Gothic fashion.

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