Steampunk Goggles

Although goggles are a pretty normal steampunk accessory, most of the outfits don’t have them. So why do most people add them to the outfit? Most people add them because they think that is what they supposed to do but believe it or not the goggles do serve an important purpose in the outfit. Wearing the right pair of goggles will add an air of industrialism to the outfit but there is a lot more to steampunk goggles than people realise.

Goggles, whether used in steampunk or not, serve a purpose therefore they didn’t become an accessory for steampunk by accident. The most common purpose for goggles is generally due to the fact that steampunk fans tend to create or customize their own gear. Due to the fact that the common metals for steampunk are ranged from copper and brass to other metals, it is quite reasonable to understand why goggles are necessary as protection for the eyes. Steampunk welding goggles, are quite important for those steampunk tinkers and not only used as a popular accessory.

Goggles have other purposes that may relate to the style of those that don’t manufacture their own steampunk gadgets. Aviation goggles may hold some importance for those that find airplanes and other airships part of their passion and the same would apply to those who wear steampunk motorcycle goggles to represent their love for choppers and bikes. Those who enjoy or are interested in spelunking and exploring, generally find goggles that represent those activities as common additions.

Steampunk goggles may be added to your outfit to either serve a practical purpose or as an accessory that plays a key role in your specific tastes. Whether you want to depict your interests or show off your personality or just want to add something to the mix because you like the look of them, steampunk goggles can be used for either of these purposes. Goggles, unlike other accessories that have almost no function linked to them, can at least be noted to have some form of practical usage.

Here are 5 different styles of Steampunk Goggles:

If looking for goggles that can simply be worn to provide an aesthetic benefit and don’t have any practical purpose whatsoever, many look to wearing steampunk brass goggles as their outfits beautifully made accessory.

Steampunk welding goggles provide some form of protection to the eyes while looking good at the same time for those who enjoy tinkering with steampunk gadgets.

For those who are looking for a highly practical accessory that adds more to their steampunk riding outfit and have a love for motorcycles and dirt bikes, then it is more likely that they will use motorcycle goggles & dust mask.

Steampunk explorer goggles when paired with a smashing brown leather fur steampunk inspired jacket, will be great accessories when exploring the arctic as well as providing some protection from the stinging wind and snow.

Similar to the steampunk welding goggles are the steampunk machinist goggles worn by the tinkers to keep steam and debris at bay when working.

Technologies that focus on the exploration of the skies, airplanes and piloting, have influenced outfits that incorporate steampunk aviator goggles.

When one thinks of the steampunk genre, the first image that pops into your mind are the goggles. They range all the way from functional ones with protective iris covers that open or lights to those that are purely ornamental. Building your own steampunk goggles, although time consuming and expensive if you want attractive ones, it is possible but there are those out there who are experts in this field and can do it at a much cheaper rate.

Many of the goggles that you find these days are adjustable at the straps and last a reasonably long time which makes steampunk goggles worth the money spent on them.

Why do steampunk lovers wear goggles?

Although there are many answers to this question when it comes to how many individuals love steampunk, it has been broken down to the central most important ones which are – protection and identification. Firstly, we ask why do they wear it for practicality purposes and secondly why do they still wear it today, even when many have given times when their costume goggles came in handy. Below is some of the reasons given to the answers to the question – “why do steampunk fans wear goggles?” and we have broken it down into practical and more imaginative ones.

Practical Reasons:

  • During the Victorian age, nothing screams industry more than the iconic trademark that is goggles even though back then workers didn’t wear much protective gear. They were mainly worn to keep dirt, oil, wind, steam and sparks out of one’s eyes and more commonly worn by aviators and drivers. Those who welded or did woodwork would also wear them.
  • Those who chose to work on the new mechanical inventions of that era such as the rotary engines, would need something to protect their eyes from objects and substances such as castor oil spray and steam which could cause both eye and other injuries.
  • They could also be used to enhance vision

Imaginative Reasons:

  • For makers of things who could use the protection for their eyes and because steampunk has its roots based in literature.
  • Can be an affordable accessory at times
  • Goggles form a main part of the steampunk “uniform” as well as having a foot in the door as fashion statements for cyberpunk, anime and manga.
  • When face to face with the following, it seems that goggles have a use everywhere – spitting cobras, ray guns, actinic glare from metalworking, metal shavings, sandstorms on Mars, ectoplasmic observations and change winds during time travel.
  • There is always a distinguished air about goggles and they look cool.

So if you are one of those hard core fans that want to wear goggles, I have listed below 5 different ways to wear them.

5 different ways to wear Steampunk Goggles:

Wear Steampunk Goggles over your eyes

Steampunk Goggles

If you are a true steampunk, you will never make the mistake of wearing your goggles over your eyes. People might begin to think they are actually useful and not just being worn as a fashion statement. But even though, you will still find the one who wears it like this. For photographs it can be done but if you want to wear them longer, you may find yourself with a huge headache.

Wear Steampunk Goggles on your head

Steampunk Goggles

This is the most common and yet least inspiring way to wear the goggles. So if you are not the super creative type and prefer it to just be non-offensive and cruise control cool, then this is the way to go. I must admit, they do look amazing on people’s heads though.

Wear Steampunk Goggles on your hat

Steampunk Goggles

This form of wearing goggles must have come from someone who was at a loss for what to do when they wanted to wear a hat and goggles. Imagine the joy they must have experienced after trying different ways and then realizing that to achieve maximum results, they could put the goggles on the hat. Must have been a breakthrough for them.

Wear Steampunk Goggles around your neck (and on your hat)

Steampunk Goggles

If you fall under the category of super causal and being a hipster, then this is the way to go to show that you have them but are not bothered with them. This tells people that you were probably using them but then took them off and were to cool to put them on your head so you hung them around your neck instead.

On your pet 🙂

Steampunk Goggles

So for when you can’t bear the shame of wearing the clichéd accessory, what better way than to force your pet to wear it. Nobody will judge them and you get the bonus of having a good old laugh at your pet’s expense.

Awesome DIY Tutorials on How To Make Your Own Steampunk Goggles:

For each different style of steampunk goggles that are out there, there are just as many tutorials to teach you how to make your own. So if you want to end up with a pair of awesome goggles and not just lenses wrapped in copper tinsel then have a look below at the tutorials below to help you decide which resource to use in making the process of making your own goggles pain free and easy.

This tutorial provides easy to follow step by step pictures to take you through the entire process. The materials for these goggles should only cost you between $15-$20 if you have the proper scroll saw and dremel in your possession. The end result is a pretty cool pair of steampunk goggles (via Epbot).

The next tutorial has pictures along with the text which makes it easier to follow. If you want cost effective, you might have to visit a thrift store to find the right items to hit the mark of a cost of $30. All you need is a dremel and sewing machine and you are on your way to making your very own goggles that should have a bit of a motorcycle look about them when they are finished (via Instructables).